Belton Masons focus on basic health needs

by / 0 Comments / 74 View / January 28, 2018

By Heather Regula, Correspondent

Belton Masonic Lodge #166 opened their doors Saturday morning and provided a place for the Red Cross to hold their Basic Life Support class. The scenario-based class covered breathing and cardiac emergencies for patients of all ages. Instruction included the administration of CPR, AED usage, and hands-on experience. Three people attended Saturday’s class.
“Our first quarter is focused on basic health needs. We are providing space for the Red Cross BLS Class – this is about supporting our community,” explained Ron Zimmerman, Master of Belton Masonic Lodge #166. “We have the Fantastic Teeth Program going on this month. We will be assembling dental hygiene packs for all first graders in Belton ISD.”
The Fantastic Teeth Fan Club, a program created by the Masonic Home and School of Texas, works with Masonic Lodges across the state to educate first graders about the importance of proper dental hygiene. Lodge members assemble the kits and coordinate with local schools for delivery. The packages are plastic bags filled with a toothbrush kit and some printed information.
“We want to instill good dental hygiene habits in kids at a young age, and the Fantastic Teeth Program is a great way to do so. Good hygiene is a learned behavior and requires practice,” stated Zimmerman. “Robert Livingston, Lodge Treasurer, is leading the effort. We have 841 dental hygiene kits that we will assemble on Thursday, January 18, for delivery in February to the first graders in Belton ISD Elementary Schools.”
The Belton Masonic Lodge #166 has partnered with the Killeen Chapter of Combat Vet Motorcycle Association to host a Carter BloodCare Blood Drive from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. on February 3, in the parking lot of the Lodge.
According to the Carter Blood Care website, all donors must present a valid photo ID at the time of donation and must be at least 16 years of age, weigh at least 110 pounds, and be in good general health. Written parental consent must be provided for 16-year-old donors. It is suggested that donors eat a low-fat meal a few hours before donation and doing lots of water the day of donation. For more information about blood donation, visit