Special to the Journal

Ayriel Rush, owner of AyrBalloons in Belton, has been selected as part of a talented team of 25 balloon professionals from around the U.S. and Canada, tasked with creating an immersive art installation utilizing the medium of balloons all in aid of art education and services.

Rush, along with other balloon professionals, will be leaving her business and family for seven days to create this project.

In addition to building a Gigantic Balloon Medieval World, she will be using  the medium of balloons to help bring a unique art form to a rural community in Indiana and raise  awareness and funds for the Art Association of Randolph County’s Art Mobile and Start with Art.

As part of one of the most unique projects for the state of Indiana, working as part of the Balloon Selfie Museum Balloon Crew, Rush will be using the skills she has developed over the last 20 years, to help  create this nearly 5,000 square foot immersive art exhibit that will be entirely constructed from 60,000  biodegradable latex balloons.

The Lynn Lions Club Fairgrounds will be the site of a one-of-a-kind Storybook Kingdom from May 10-12, where the public can explore a world of fantasy as they cross over the sparkling moat through massive doors  entering a medieval castle where they will get a chance to slay the dragon all created out of larger-than-life balloon sculptures. 

The director of the event, Mindy Ellis, stated, “What an amazing event this is going to be, Ayriel Rush is going to be part of bringing a unique art medium to rural Indiana all in aid of raising awareness and funds for the amazing Art Mobile Project and Start with Art in Randolph County. I’m beyond thankful to all the artists that are contributing their amazing talents and time to this endeavor and to Bargain Balloons for donating the balloons.”

Rush likewise is excited to contribute her creativity to spread joy in the world and help make art education and benefits accessible to all.

This won’t be her first experience with a big balloon build. She just completed a large-scale balloon build along with five other local balloon artists in downtown Killeen for the Total Eclipse Balloon Experience.