Prior to the Belton City Council regular meeting on Monday, a workshop was held to introduce façade improvements to the Lena Armstrong Public Library. More information on this topic will be presented in next week’s edition of The Belton Journal.

The regular meeting began with a recognition of the Lena Armstrong Public Library for receiving the 2019 Achievement of Excellence in Libraries Award. City Manager Sam Listi noted that out of the 571 public libraries in the state, only 53 have received this award.

Director of Planning Cheryl Maxwell presented a zoning change for two lots within Phase I of the Tuscan River from a Planned Development (Neighborhood Service) District to a Planned Development (Single Family One – SF1) District for the purpose of constructing a house. Two conditions were presented at the Feb. 18, 2020 Planning & Zoning Commission meeting, in which SF1 District guidelines are to be upheld with the exception of a six-foot-tall stone fence in the front yard of the two lots.

An additional zoning change was presented for two tracts of 3.316 acres of land located at 1955 Connell St. If approved, Tract 1 (0.483 acres) will be used for the landowner’s personal business, and residential developments are being proposed for Tract 2 (2.833 acres). Likewise, Tract 1 will be transitioning from an Agricultural District into an Office – One District, and Tract 2 will be moving from an Agricultural District to a Planned Development (Multi-Family) District. Council approved these changes.

A final plat was considered for Phase One, Replat 2 of Highland Estates, located at 2705 Mystic Mountain Lane. A replat was commissioned to account for a correction that was made in Lot 3, Block 1, calling for the reduction of a 45-foot front yard setback to 25 feet on the west side of the street, and council concurred with the revisions.

Following this discussion, a final plat of 4.38 acres of West Canyon Trails Phase II for 16 residential lots, one retail lot and a temporary second entrance from W. Avenue O incorporated in the common area of Block 1, Lot 6. A parkland fee of $4,300 will be placed in an escrow account and may be reimbursed for the construction of a private park for Phase III. Council approved of the final plat in addition to the P&ZC’s conditions regarding the parkland fee and a 15-foot setback along Daniel Dr., as the land cannot meet the 25-foot setback requirement.

Another final plat was presented for Foster Place, 0.523 acres located on the west side of Elm Grove Rd. One residential development lot with minimal proposed impact is being recommended. Included in this plat is a variance request for the increase of a 25-foot setback to 30 feet to minimize impact for the purpose of waiving the administration of additional Right of Way (ROW) dedications.

The Perro Grande Subdivision development between N. Beal St. and River Oaks Dr. was then brought to the attention of the council, as it underwent a replat charting three lots rather than the originally proposed five lots. Four conditions from the P&ZC were approved alongside the final plat.

11 single family residential lots were proposed within a preliminary plat for the Guess Dulany Subdivision. Council’s Feb. 14, 2020 letter of conditions has been acknowledged; therefore, the plat is finalized. Staff concurred with this resolution.

Director of Finance Mike Rodgers disclosed that BancorpSouth Bank will remain the City of Belton’s fund depository for a three-year period beginning April 1, 2020 and concluding on March 31, 2020 with the inclusion of a provision for two one-year term extensions. Rodgers said the finance department considered the qualifications of two other banks in the area and determined there were not sufficient grounds to justify departing from BancorpSouth Bank at this time. Council authorized Mayor Marion Grayson to execute the contract.

Cynthia Hernandez, Executive Director of the Belton Economic Development Corporation, addressed the council regarding the sale of 117 N. East St. to WGR Investments LLC for $300 thousand. The BEDC purchased this land in 2017 and has since invested approximately $230 thousand in it. In turn, the BEDC intends to purchase the property at 412 E. Central Ave., resulting in a co-location between the BEDC and the Belton Area Chamber of Commerce.

Council approved the execution of a contract for this sale.