The Belton City Council held its meeting on Tuesday, October 26. Council member Guy O’Banion was absent from the meeting. 

The council voted unanimously to amend section 8-71 and section 8-72 of the City of Belton Fee and Rate Schedule related to solid waste collection for 2022.

An agreement that was reached on Jan. 1, 2021, gives Waste Management the right to adjust the base rates by 20 percent based on the price of diesel fuel.

On Oct. 1, 2021, Waste Management notified the city that rates would be adjusted upwards by 3.458 percent as of Jan. 1, 2022, based on the September 2020—September 2021 adjustment in the CPI and diesel fuel data.

The current rate for residential curbside trash and recycling waste collection is $17.75 per month.

As of Jan. 1, 2022, solid waste and recycling collection residential rate will be increased to $18.36 per month. Curbside additional cart and door-to-truck rates will also be adjusted.

Also on the agenda, Item #7 was for a public hearing and consider a zoning change from Single Family-2 Residential with a Conservation Revitalization Overlay to a Planned Development—Neighborhood Services District on approximately 0.24 acres located at 314 South Pearl St.

The applicant has submitted a proposed zoning change to operate a water sports equipment rental business. His interest in the currently vacant property, that borders Yettie Polk Park and is near Nolan Creek, is to operate his business from a mobile truck.

He plans to rent kayaks and tubes to visitors in the Nolan Creek area. In his application to the city, he said the sports rentals will benefit the community and help draw tourism to downtown Belton.

Department Planner Tina Moore said staff will have to evaluate the parking proposal based on parking demands for that area. The request appears to be reasonable and will accommodate the use of the creek.

Councilman Holmes said he enjoyed reading the business plan and the outlook.

“I look forward to the project. If you ever need any help or want to get a group together to start a Nolan Creek cleanup or trash pickup, I sure would like to help.”

Letters were sent to homeowners in the area and there were no letters of support or opposition.

Fire Chief Jon Fontenot presented a Community Risk Assessment Report to the council.  The Community Risk Assessment (CRA) for the Belton Fire Department evaluates the risk from natural and man-made sources to the City of Belton. 

Included in the report is data from multiple sources including demographics from the U.S. Census Bureau, fire incident reports, historic weather data , and special hazards and critical infrastructure to assess base levels of risk to the community.

The content of the CRA is to:

  • Describe Current Belton Demographics
  • Describe Current Fire Department and its capabilities
  • Analyze Past Responses
  • Identify Potential Natural Disasters
  • Identify Unique and Special Hazards
  • List Critical Infrastructure

The CRA presentation was for information only, and no action was required.

Support Services Manager, Candice Griffin, also presented the National Night Out Block Party Awards during the meeting.

Griffin said the focus of the parties this year was not the “quantity of the parties,” but the “quality of the parties.”

The first award given out by Belton Deputy Police Chief was a new award, the Community Camaraderie Award. Griffin said that if you were able to make it to the Saddle Creek Party, hosted by Gerald and Shannon Drew, you would understand why.

“They were very loving, kind neighbors. They all came together and danced together. It was just so good to see after a rough year,” said Griffin.

The second award was a newcomer. The Rookie of the Year Award was given to Jose Montanez on Carla Circle. He was also the DJ at the party.

The Best Neighborhood Block Party went to The Bluff at Dunn’s Hollow. It was pulled off by the Fire Department. Griffin wanted to know where they got all the great police paraphernalia. Angelina Fontenot, wife of Belton Fire Chief Jonathon Fontenot, hosted the party.