The Belton Journal

The Belton City Council recently authorized a $1.47 million bid to develop the block where the historic standpipe stands on Hughes Street in South Belton into a city park.

A $750,000 Texas Parks and Wildlife grant, awarded in January 2023, will fund about half the cost of the park. An additional $270,000 was allocated from the city’s TRZ to complete the rehabilitation of the Standpipe back in 2022.

“Over the past decade, the Belton City Council has done a tremendous job creating an environment where old things become new and cool again. The Historic Standpipe will join Downtown Belton and the Heritage Park expansion as the latest examples of this trend. Located just outside the shadows of I-35 and I-14, the historic standpipe is one of the most visible structures in the Belton skyline, but people miss it all the time, particularly at night. Not only will the standpipe be refurbished during the construction of the park, but lights will be installed too. It’s going to transform the standpipe from a hidden gem to a must-see location,” said Paul Romer Director of Communications for the City of Belton.

The project will include restoration of the standpipe, lighting, open play lawns, parking, landscape improvements, and a concrete walking trail. There will be an open area Pavilion, and landscape planting throughout. The actual Standpipe will be lit at night. The lights can change colors depending on what is going on in the community. For example, if the Belton Tigers football team wins district, the Standpipe could be lit up red.

There will be 19 parking places added to the park. The actual Standpipe is set on a hill overlooking the City of Belton. The view is spectacular standing next to it. There are an estimated seven of these towers left in the country.

The city also plans to install a playground and restroom at the park. The Cost is estimated to be around $185,000.

The bid was awarded to TTG Utilities, which the city has previously worked with on multiple construction projects, including the South Belton Shared Use Path, which connected Holland Road to Liberty Park.

Construction of the Standpipe Park is projected to be completed by the end of the year.