The Belton Journal

Granny’s Shaved Ice has opened at 312 N. East St. across from First United Methodist Church in Belton.

For a few years, they had a food truck next to Pink Bulldog in the Belton Journal parking lot.

The business originally opened in Holland off Hwy. 93 back in 2012. They were on Adams Avenue in West Temple for a while before moving to Belton.

Skylar Stewart is the owner and driving force behind the business.

“My grandfather Ronnie Stewart randomly drove to New Orleans and came back with a snow cone truck and told me, ‘You’re going to learn to work, kid,’” said Stewart. “I was 15 years old at the time.”

Stewart runs the current business with her sister, Summer.

“I just love doing this. Putting smiles on people’s faces is wonderful. Every time you grow, you get into a new chapter. With growth comes lessons. Some of those lessons make you feel uncomfortable. You learn to deal with it all. Being an entrepreneur is hard. Would I do all this again? Absolutely,” said Stewart.

This expansion is a big one for Granny’s Shaved Ice. Those first few years it was just a bigger food truck. This expansion is a home converted to a shaved ice experience. Each room has a purpose.

“I wanted to bring something new to the area. There is a study room, party room, outdoor games, live music night, and tables. We are going to start a walking club. There is a gospel event we have planned on April 30th,” said Stewart.

“We had a huge group of my friends who came up here to help paint the inside. I am so happy and full of gratitude. We had around 500 people come in that first day. This has been rewarding after three months of remodeling. Seeing what the building was and what it became was an experience. I couldn’t have done without a huge support group. There were so many lessons with the remodel. Every day there was something new,” she added.

They carry a large variety of shaved ice. They have added acai, a smoothie bowl topped with fresh fruit and gelato, Italian ice cream, and much more.