House moved to make room for UMHB expansion

by / 0 Comments / 126 View / August 8, 2016

By Mark & Linda Magnan

A new bridge in southwest Belton was christened with a house moving exercise this week. The new bridge on MLK was the site of a house being moved from a lot on Harris. Recently the house was moved to make room for UMHB to expand their campus. Over the years several houses have found new lives in and around the Belton area. The new bridge was tested and passed this week as the massive load slowly made its way across the new structure.
If you have traveled the loop within the past few months you may have noticed the construction and now the new traffic light. This light allows for the traffic coming from Belton to get onto the loop safely. As the city grows these new thoroughfares help the congestion along Main Street.
The good news is that the house was moved without a big disruption in the daily traffic, these moves are scheduled and require a permit so that the interruption to daily life is kept to a minimum. Unless you live next door to the newly empty lot you might not even notice that the house was moved.
Try the new route into town and see if it can save you some time on your next trip to get your newspaper.