By Aries Ramos

The Belton Journal

The Lady Tigers softball team faced off against the Killeen Kangaroos this past week. Belton wasted no time securing a win on their way to a dominant district year.

Lucy Lucas took the circle for the Tigers to start the game and quickly dealt with the Kangaroos’ first three batters, earning her first three strikeouts and setting her team up for a great chance to take an early lead.

Belton took the plate at the bottom of the first inning and it seemed as if there was not a ball they could not hit. After back-to-back great hits, the Lady Tigers found themselves in a great spot as Kileen recorded their third out, finally stopping the Belton batters. As the Lady Tigers took the outfield they had a 4-run lead to boost their confidence.

The Kangaroos’ second at-bat proved just as difficult as their first. Lucas got another 3 batters out without allowing a single hit in the top of the second inning. Heading to the bottom of the inning the Lady Tigers held a 4-0 lead and were on a roll in their district matchup.

The Lady Tigers’ second at-bat was just as successful as their first. Belton found themselves running in circles as they crossed the home plate 5 times in the second inning alone. Thanks to the great start, Belton held a 9-0 lead in just two innings of play.

In the third inning, the Belton outfield and pitcher continued to dominate as they recorded their 3rd straight inning with no hits. However, the Kangaroos were still fighting as they held the Lady Tigers to 0 runs in the third inning keeping the Belton lead to 9-0.

The 4th inning proved to be more of the same for the Kangaroos as Lucy Lucas continued to pitch a no-hitter. Lucas recorded her 9th strikeout of the game in just 4 innings helping her team secure another district win.

The Tiger’s final at-bat came at the bottom of the 4th inning and was the final knockout blow to the Kangaroos.

The Lady Tigers went on to score 6 more runs in the inning giving them the 15-0 lead and enforcing the run rule.

The Lady Tigers picked up their 6th district win of the season pushing them to 6-3 on the year. Belton’s 6-3 record has them currently sitting in 3rd place in the district. The Tigers look to add another win when they travel to Waco to play the Lions.