Car enthusiasts gathered in Belton this weekend for Little Valley Auto Ranch’s 36th Annual Swap Meet.

Participants bartered antique vehicles, parts, collectibles and related accessories that are often difficult to find at an ordinary auto parts store.

The event takes place three times a year at Little Valley in addition to once at the Bell County Expo Center, according to its organizer, Dan Barkley, who also expressed satisfaction regarding the meet’s turnout.

Attendants spoke on what they enjoyed about the event.

“You just walk around and see what you can find that you can’t live without,” Frank Cerecerez said, and there truly was an impressive assortment of collectibles to explore.

While many people, like Cerecerez, came with the intention of bargaining, some showed up out of curiosity and fascination.

“I’m not really a car junkie or anything,” Riley Daxter said. “I’ve just never really seen something like this. It kind of caught my eye, and I couldn’t help but stop by.”

Joe Kahn, who described himself as quite the classic car fanatic, praised the culture associated with swap meets and similar events.

“Everyone is so friendly, and we share a common interest,” Kahn said. “It’s such a cool thing to be a part of, and I wish more people could get involved.”

For those who do wish to become involved, the swap meet at the Expo Center is set to take place on the weekend of Dec. 14.