Local community rallies to support one of their own
The Belton Journal

The Belton community came together this Saturday, February 25th, to give back to a member in need. Hosted by the VFW Auxiliary Post 4008 and organized by family, friends, and members of the Belton Community, a live auction was held to raise funds for Robert Tanner.
Robert Tanner, born and raised in Belton, has always been the type of man to help his community. For over 40 years, Robert has been an incredible supporter of the Belton community by hosting benefit auctions for multiple organizations and countless Belton families. Robert recently had several surgeries that led up to partial amputation, leaving him in need of a wheelchair and a handicap accessible home. When the community needed aid, Robert was there to help. Now, the community was there to return the same kindness Robert had shown over many years.
With the assistance of Danny McDonald, Deena Tanner, Brenda Karl Ivey, and Misty Bosse, a Facebook page was created to post the incoming donations and to spread awareness of the event. Over 1,000 items were donated for the auction, including a BBQ lunch for bidders to enjoy before the benefit started. Over 300 community members attended the event, including individuals who supported from afar by purchasing to-go plates.
Robert was astounded by the unwavering support that came flooding in, often commenting on how he “had never seen this many people at an auction” and that he was used to leading the auctions—not being on the receiving end. Robert also explained that his love for organizing benefits and raising money for others was simply because he “loved helping people in need”.
As the auction rolled on, members continuously raised their bidding numbers, and their hearts, in support of a great cause—a true testament of what lengths the members of Bell County are willing to go to for one another. Robert Tanner and his family would like to thank every individual and business that made donations, bought plates, or helped contribute to the event in any way.
Other members of the community Robert would like to thank include the following: Daryl Mooney, Rhegan Tanner, Sharon Mooney, Ronnie Tanner, Eddy Tanner, Olin Christian, Ricky Drake, James Williams, Cody Shuler, Gary Leofsky, Brent Vennetta, Forrest Bruce, West Teeters, Jamie Elkins, Destiny Shuler, Dwayne Mooney, Michelle Hyde, Charity Rush, and many others.
Lifelong Belton resident Robert Tanner receives a hug from his sister during Saturday evening’s benefit BBQ and auction held a VFW Post 4088 in Belton.

A girl bids on a bicycle during the auction held at VFW Post 4088 in Belton Saturday night, to raise funds for Belton native Robert Tanner.
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