The Belton Journal

There are several local merchants selling items for the solar eclipse on April 8th. This eclipse is a total eclipse which is a world event.

Total solar eclipses happen, on average, every 18 months. But for a given spot on the planet, total eclipses of the sun are only seen every 400 years or so, since the portion of Earth from which each total eclipse is visible is so small.

So, for Belton, this is a big deal. 

These eclipse items are mostly t-shirts and coffee mugs.

“We just started selling them Friday. The first couple of days we started marketing them we sold 30 shirts. I will have a display for sale inside the store. Items can be ordered online. For the kid’s shirts, we have three- or four-color options. There are six different options for design,” said Micah Springston, owner of Pink Bull Dog Boutique.

My Giving Tree is running a special on planets that rotate on a pedestal. There is a solar panel inside the artwork that is not visible to the naked eye and powers the rotation.

They also will have an ‘I Got Mooned in Belton’ photo booth in Belton at that weekends Market Days on April 6th. The solar eclipse is on a Monday and there will be a Market Day on Saturday before the event.

“We have four different t-shirt designs. There are some long-sleeved shirts available. There are quality baseball hats with solar designs on them. Our small and large tumblers are of a unique design. Something people might find a little different and long-lasting. There are some black mugs. When you put coffee in them it will change colors to white with the solar eclipse logo on them,” said Stefanie Hoff of Lindy Lu’s on the Square.