Belton Journal


The parking lot at Mariegold Studio on North Wall Street in Belton was flooded on Friday, December 3 due to the guests arriving for Christmas cookie decorating workshop.

Kennedy Miller, owner of the Mariegold small event venue, opened the doors for a cookie decorating class from 6-8 in evening, calling it a “Girl’s Night Out.”

The collaboration with Chick Flicks Custom-Made Cookies on Friday brought in over forty guests, eagerly waiting to design beautifully festive cookies!

Baliee Karnowski, owner and founder of Chick-Flicks Custom-Made Cookies, offered each individual four Christmas-themed cookies in the shapes of snowflakes, Christmas trees, candy canes, and stockings. Also set out on the tables are three different-colored icing choices of light red, green, and white.

Chick Flicks are very proud of their completely homemade materials and the hard work has paid off tremendously. Karnowski has had help from her mother and assistant, however her special recipes and dedication to her business does show a lot in this class.

Practice sheets were also made for the guests to learn some techniques for decorating with cookie icing.

To create a straight line with icing, Karnowski showed students how to start with one dot while pulling up and slightly squeeze the bags to pull the line to the end.

Her hands-on teaching skills are sincere and very productive to the beginners attending her evening class.

Massaging the icing bags before cutting the end for use was another strong tip for her visitors to ensure a blended color and balance for laying down the designs!

Each layer of icing dries as a hard surface for layers of creative decor for each cookie. Everyone was given scribes as well, a tool to prevent over-flooding a particular area of the cookie. Running a scribe over the icing will spread it around to form a solid, clean base of color for these decorative treats.

The Chick Flicks cookie brand took off within the last year and Karnowski is thrilled to own her own business. The name “Chick Flick” was a personal nickname given to her by her father over the years for her love of gooey movies and flaunting her “drama-queen” styles. Being a full-time baker had always been a dream of hers, and the passion is shown in her goodies.

Online and physical orders are being placed for these beautiful cookies. Her business is open Monday through Friday from 4:00 in the afternoon until 10:00 at night and opening earlier on the weekends from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m.

Successes were made in both parties at the Christmas Cookie Decorating shindig in downtown Belton. Friendships were made and loads of guests were thrilled to continue using the skills they have learned from Karnowski and her team.

Likewise, starting her business in September of this year, Miller was enthused to hold various parties, holiday get-togethers, and smaller events in Mariegold Studio.

A historical rustic chic look of the building offers a beautiful space to rent out in her larger party rooms.

With a monthly schedule for classes, she is very excited to have her charcuterie board class this upcoming January. Customers can purchase a seat for $25 and everyone is welcome to bring their own refreshments or alcoholic beverages to class.