Morgan’s Point Resort City Council approved the minutes from the Jan. 14 meeting and a joint meeting with the Economic Development Corporation on Jan. 31. Dorothy Alynn was named Citizen of the Year for MPR for her hours of service to the community.

Dianah Dulany and Marla Smith were appointed to the Economic Development Board.

Mark Alynn was named executive director for the EDC. The position is not a funded position, similar to other directors in the area. EDC President Tom Edwards will remain active in the organization. A resolution was approved for Public Funds Investment Policy. This in an annual revenue of the current policy and is regularly approved.

The council approved the purchase of a police vehicle as a budget amendment. Repairs on one of the current police vehicles was becoming too much. Including equipment, the cost of the vehicle is $47 thousand. Funds are set aside each year for future purchases of vehicles.

A budget amendment was approved for the EDC in the amount of $1 thousand a month for eight months this year.

Proposed annexation for Laverne Miller Fellowship Hall was tabled until further information can be provided to the Council. This location will be the site of a new church. Once approved, they will ask to connect with MPR’s water line. They will pay for the line and meter. This location is at 831 Morgan’s Point Rd.

Mary Ruth Briggs Library recorded 101 volunteer hours in January. Nine new members were added during the month. Maximum water use reported by the Utilities Department was 12,900 gallons with a daily average of 3,890.

The city was using porta potties at the Marina at the cost of $1,700 a year and is going to look into the possibility of fixing the septic system at the currently closed bathroom system at MPR Marina. If they are can be repaired into working order, then the council is going to look into the possibility of opening the bathrooms.

Council tabled the proposed engineering service for a new wastewater treatment plant.