November 9, 1947 – April 1, 2024

Michael Bruce Perryman passed away at his home in Moody Texas April 1st 2024.

Memorial servicewas held at 10am on Saturday April 6th, 2024, at Dossman Funeral Home, Belton, Texas.

Michael Bruce Perryman was born in Temple, Texas, on November 9, 1947, to D.C. and Martha Perryman. He graduated from Moody High School in 1966. He attended Temple Junior College and Texas Tech University, earning a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a minor in Engineering. He married Rita Ray on January 25, 1969. He served 6 years in the U.S. Army Reserve. He worked as an engineer early in his career, serving as the youngest department head (Manager of Engineering) at Griggs Equipment Company. He served as a Bruceville-Eddy school board member for 20 years, as a Methodist lay speaker for 20 years, and as a Moody Medical board member for 30 years. He founded Perryman & Wilson in 1976, building custom homes for 38 years.

     Mike is survived by his mother Martha Jane Perryman, his beloved wife of 55 years, Rita Ray Perryman, his sister Pat Kitchens and her husband Paul, his brother John Perryman and his wife Brenda, his sister Mary Brooks and her husband Christopher “Buck”, his daughter Page Glasson and her husband Troy and their children Isabel and Eli, his daughter Kelly Ragsdale and her husband Ray and their children Emma, Reagan, and Coulter, and many other beloved family members.

You might have known him as Mike, Big Mike, Michael Bruce, Michael Bruce-Eddy, husband, father, grandfather, brother, friend, uncle, domino player, hunter, golfer, fisherman, puzzler, cabinet maker, “renaissance man,” inventor, home builder, history buff, Zane Gray fan, avid traveler, storyteller, cowboy poet, softball coach, problem-solver, comedian, Red Raider, harmonica player, walking encyclopedia or a million other things that he participated in or was good at. Mostly, he’d want to make sure you knew him as a Christian.  He thanked the Lord for every good thing in his life and he lived a life of purpose and dedication.

Mike loved to talk about his amazing wife Rita; what a catch she was, how hard he had to pursue her, how proud he was to marry her and experience life with her, what a great shot she was with a rifle, what a great golfer she was, what a fun travelin’ buddy she was, and how she was the best cook that ever stepped foot in a kitchen.

He was equally proud of his beautiful daughters, Page and Kelly. He raised them to be capable of doing great things and small things.  He was so proud of them for who they were and the things they did from athletic accomplishments to handyman skills to what wonderful mothers they are.

Mike always said he could not have picked better sons-in-law.  Ray and Troy were some of his best friends.  He taught them, mentored them, challenged them, encouraged them, and enjoyed spending time with them any chance he got.

Mike loved each one of his grandkids dearly. He rarely missed any activity that they were involved in. He fished with them, hunted with them, played with them, encouraged them, built treehouses and all manner of things with them, took them on so many adventures, cheered for them, instructed them, and was a godly example in their lives.

Mike was very close to his siblings and their spouses (geographically and emotionally). He loved being with them, playing dominoes, pitching horseshoes, traveling the country and engaging in witty banter through their daily group chat.

A cross between MacGyver, Andy Griffith and Billy Graham, he was always willing to help, serve and share.  He had a great mind, a quick wit and was a wonderful counselor. 

Mike loved his community. He loved his time growing up in Moody. He loved his church (Moody Leon). He loved his friends. He loved his big extended family on down to the newest great nephew yet to be born. Most of all, Mike loved Jesus.

He would encourage you to give your life to Jesus by telling you how, despite his long-term and difficult battle with multiple illnesses, God loved him and gave him a life that was “heaped up, tamped down, and spilling over with blessings.” (This is how he ended most every prayer.) If Mike is the one to greet you in Heaven, you can be sure he will heartily invite you to “Come in this house!”