Belton Journal

Mobi Dog Pet Salon and Spa has been very busy during the holiday season and the customers have been rolling in for unique and homemade treats and events of all kinds for furry friends.

Saturday, an extremely busy day for this business created and owned by Brandi Reese who hosted her very own Mobi Dog “Grinchmas”.

Mobi the cat walked around the event greeting the newcomers with purrs as customers filed in for pictures with Cindy Lou Who and the Grinch.

Being good for Santa this year, Brandi’s children helped their mom by dressing up as sweet Cindy Lou and the dreaded Grinch for pictures with the animals and children interested. The crowd was amused at the acting portrayed by the characters and were able to take great photos to have during Christmastime.

Brandi’s business has been up and running for the last nine years, even after relocating to another area of Belton.

“I have been working as a groomer for over 20 years and I’ve never felt like this is a job. Every day, I wake up and I still enjoy getting ready for work. Business is good and I am blessed,” Brandi smiled at the crowd swarming into her building.

Famous for their chicken jerky, Mobi Dog can’t keep it on their shelves very long. The variety of treats for dogs is overwhelming with pigs’ ears, chicken feet, cookies, cakes, jerkies, gullets, moo tubes, and more.

Mobi Dog is widely known was named a mobile boutique to set up at different s events that Belton sees throughout the year.

Using their “canned-ham” camping trailer named Myrtle, they are able to take their business anywhere that they want to go. However, her agenda doesn’t stop there!

With their own Mobi Dog page on Facebook, Brandi hosts her twelve days of Christmas with daily raffles for contestants that sign up for them. Results are broadcasted on the page the next day for prizes and spa days for dogs worth $75-$100. Spa treatments include mud baths, nail trimming, “paw-decures”, haircuts, and facials for her customer’s best friend to relax and look their very best.

Mobi Dog is proud of their original and homemade products available for purchase. Baking everything herself for her “bark-ery”, Brandi makes cookies, cupcakes, and personalized cakes for her customers. Her Elvis Cupcakes are made of bananas, peanut butter, and bacon as special treats for dogs.

Also hosting birthday parties and events for cats and dogs, anyone is able to order custom cake, toppings, and writing cake for their pets’ birthdays and celebrations.

Brandi also prides her business in the support given to other small organizations like herself.

With a full staff of certified, professional pet groomers, Mobi ensures comfort and respect to every pet that walks through the door. Business is moving fast for Mobi Dog as it continues to bring in more interested cat and dog owners in town ready to spoil their pets with treats and trinkets.