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On Saturday afternoon, a fire broke out in the parking lot of Robinson Family Farm in on Bob White Road in Temple.
When all was said and done, more than 70 vehicles were burned at the farm, which is a popular draw in the fall for Bell County residents and central Texas.
The Bell County Fire Marshal is investigating the incident, as is the Bell County Sheriff’s Department.
“We are seeking information on a possible person who may have discarded a cigarette into the grassy parking area. There have been some comments made on multiple social media posts stating there may have been witnesses to this claim. If you have any information regarding this incident, please reach out via our Facebook page, by phone (254) 933-5589, or email at,” the Fire Marshal’s office announced on Saturday.
“We have received information that witnesses observed a male toss a lit cigarette into the grass near the parked cars. We are following up on this information to verify the validity of these reports.”
Some have speculated that perhaps a vehicle’s hot exhaust system and grass touching a catalytic convertor might have ignited the fire in the parking lot.
The Fire Marshal’s office commented that the idea has not been ruled out, “however, that theory is not consistent with witness accounts.”
The Bell County Fire Marshal’s office also said that possible criminal charges could be filed and that civilly, the responsible party could be held financially liable for all damages caused.
The Robinson Family Farm will remain closed until Saturday, Oct. 22, at last report.
“We first want to thank all of our staff, first responders and customers who did everything they could to help us handle the situation we faced with the fire in our parking lot today. We are so thankful to report that no one was harmed & that is of the most importance to us,” the business announced on its Facebook account.
“We have made the decision to close the farm tomorrow, October 16, and currently have plans to re-open next weekend. We have also added an additional weekend to our season for everyone to be able to experience The Robinson Family Farm fall tradition. Thank you all for your patience as we recover from this & we can’t wait to make more fall memories with you soon!
“If your car was left at the farm, please contact us at so we can keep you up to date.”
The farm also said that those who had tickets for Saturday’s visit to the farm can use them for another visit after the farm has reopened.
Courtesy photo
Vehicles smolder on Saturday afternoon after a fire broke out in the parking lot a Robinson Family Farm in Temple.