The Belton Journal

The Morgan’s Point Resort City Council unveiled the 2024 Strategic Work Plan for the year at the council meeting in March.

The mission statement for the City of Morgan’s Point Resort is: “To provide charming lakeside living that embodies our blend of nature and opportunity with a commitment to community, service, and integrity.”

The plan included a list of strengths: fire and police protection, services, small-town environment, event center, pool, community involvement, and lakefront property.

Some of the weaknesses were: over-reliance on volunteers, resistance to change, audits, and continuity in planning and execution.

Opportunities included: four-corners commercial area, park improvements, marina, grants, event center, tennis courts, comprehensive plan, and branding the city.

Threats were named as workforce retention, stagnation, politics, and stagnation.

The goals for 2024 are financial integrity and accountability, roads and infrastructure, communication and transparency, and enhanced safety and emergency preparedness.

Each of these goals was broken down into how the council intends to improve in these areas in 2024.

They plan to complete the audits and publish audited financial statements, develop a fixed assets plan and capital improvement plan, conduct a road study and then develop a plan for maintenance and repair of roads. This plan should be completed by the end of 2024. Also, this will include an update of the current Parks Master Plan, and to review and evaluate the proposed master plan for the City of Temple-Morgan’s Point Resort.

The council will develop and adopt a communication plan. There are also goals of customizing the MPR website, conducting more frequent surveys to solicit residents’ opinions, and host at least one Town Hall Meeting before the end of September.

The city will develop and adopt an Emergency Action Plan with regional partners and the Belton Independent School District. It will also determine ADA needs in the community and prioritize for 2025, as well as develop and adopt a Hazard Mitigation Plan.