MPR getting groundwater storage tank
The Belton Journal
Work crews for the City of Morgan’s Point Resort are preparing the elevated storage tank near the emergency services center to connect to a planned groundwater storage tank.
MPR has two elevated water storage tanks. These elevated storage tanks are 200,000 gallons each. The one on Morgan’s Point Road has a 150,000-gallon ground storage tank attached to it. This groundwater storage tank feeds into the elevated tank during peak watering times.
The planned one near Lake Forest Drive will be 250,000 gallons. The planning for this project began around 2017. The cost is estimated at $3.6 million. Funding comes from grants and city funds.
During the summer months, these tanks tended to go nearly dry as residents watered their lawns. The groundwater storage tank on MPR Road eliminated part of the problem in that area of the community.
Both tanks will have diesel generators attached to them. This is required by state law. The piping for the elevated tank and housing facility for the generator is nearly completed on Lake Forest Drive. Work on the ground storage tank should begin sometime in the next few weeks.
The generators will have storage for 300 gallons of diesel fuel. They should be able to operate for 48 hours. The generator for the elevated tank on MPR Road should arrive in July and be online sometime in August.
The tower on Lake Forest Drive will be shut down for around 10 days to install the groundwater storage tank this month. MPR is entering the Stage 1 Drought Contingency Plan (voluntary) this week.
“We are encouraging residents to comply with the drought contingency plan. Even addresses can water their lawn on Sundays and Thursdays. Odd addresses water on Saturday and Wednesday. Times are from midnight to 10 a.m. or 8 p.m. to midnight on any day you water,” said Jesse Measles, Director of Utilities.
This new 250,000-gallon groundwater storage tank will allow the elevated tank on Lake Forest Dr to have water in it during peak summer months. This tank on Lake Forest Dr, at times, went bone dry in the mornings as residents watered their lawns.
The City of Morgan’s Point Resort will be having a new groundwater storage tank, to bolster the supply of the city’s water which will help, especially in the summer months.