The Belton Journal

Picasa Design, Inc, opened its Belton brick-and-mortar storefront in 2019 but has been serving the community since 2009, helping people have beautiful, functional spaces.
Ciece Gray, owner of Picasa Design Inc. said, “I like to create. My joy is when I am in the home and I see a need and I can create something worthwhile for my clients. Something that is lasting and not temporary.”
Depending on what the clients desire, whether it is an aesthetic make-over or full renovation, Picasa Design Inc can accommodate.
“We are a full-service interior design company,” Gray said.
Picasa Design, Inc offers more than interior design, including wallcoverings, home décor, home accessories, custom walls, custom pillows, custom headboards, custom rugs, custom bedding, paint, custom tiles, lighting, flooring, and much more.
“We have in-store items, online and we also have other items from our wholesalers online. So those will be directly shipped to you,” Gray said. “Whatever I have in here is mostly from the wholesaler so most times you can’t get it unless you’re with someone who’s in design.”
Gray takes it a little bit further and if someone purchases a piece, she will not offer the exact piece for sale again.
“If you purchase the clock or something, I don’t purchase it again,” Gray said. “I want it to be exclusive just to the client.
Gray and her husband work together striving to be versatile and to supply a design that has purpose, depending on what the client needs.
“My husband and I are the main people that design.” Gray said, “My husband does the plank walls, board and batting, flooring, wallpaper, and painting. I come up with the design.”
When consulting with clients, Gray looks for what the need is.
“Sometimes people don’t know what they need and some people do know what they need. I try to see from what they are telling me, the gap. There is something you’re not telling and that is where I need to be because that is what you are really going to need,” Gray said.
She continued, “There is always the surface, I think I need this, I need that but then there is something in between that, that is going to be the foundation of the design.”
She tackles each design project, large or small, aiming to see the heart of who her clients are.
Moss walls or botanical walls are current design trends.
“It is for health and healing. I usually say if you have a place of serenity that you need in your home, I also suggest a water feature so you can sit and read or just kind of relax and listen to your music.” Gray said, “Something like that, we can create in your space.”
Gray is happy to answer design questions.
She said, “You can chat with us online or email us or call us”
Stop by 202 E 1st Street in Belton to meet Gray.
For more information visit, call 254-831-3017, or email