Pleasant Ramblings: Forty Days and Nights

by / 0 Comments / 26 View / July 2, 2015

Mark Magnan

Well this rainy season really lived up to our expectations. It was a terrible thing for the towns south of here and where they had the major flooding. However May is historically a wet month for this part of Texas. We hope to get rain in the spring and then make it last until fall. It is good when we can space out a lot of rain and it just keeps the plants watered well. This year is just right for the corn farmers in the area, the good rains and then June tends to dry out. The corn here is looking good now, tall and full of ears. Now in other parts of Texas the corn crops look nothing like they do in central Texas. Actually the other farmers are still flipping through their almanacs trying to decide on when to plant their corn as our corn is putting out good ears. Of course the irrigated corn gets a lot longer growing season and gets much taller.

The Belton Lake is quite full, as full as it has been in quite some time. Actually the last few times it has been this full was when it was ready to go over the spillway. We have been needing the extra water to get us through the summer without the threat of water rationing.

A little known fact, there is only one really “natural” lake in Texas. The rest are man made by damming up a river or perhaps a creek. These were all made to capture the spring rains and provide a place where we could breed bass and other fish. (that fact was taken from the internet so it may need further verification). Actually the lakes were designed for the capture of runoff water with the hopes of having enough water to last through the dry summer months. The whole fish thing was just a very pleasant side benefit. Now we not only have water to keep our yard green all summer, but we also have a place to spend those weekends pulling fish out of the same water.

Now I have not really been a fisherman, (or would that be fisherperson?) I was usually tricked into going fishing when I was young. My father lived to fish, his “perfect” job would have been a professional fisherman, the bass type, not the Alaskan fishing boat kind. He had the idea that I would like fishing as much as he did. I did enjoy fly fishing in Colorado on our many trips there, and I enjoyed the regular fishing trips to the coast. However what I didn’t like was getting up early on a weekend to drag the boat to the lake and spend most of my day out there. I was a teenager, and that just wasn’t on my top ten list, perhaps not even the top twenty five. I had discovered the two most powerful smells to a young man, gasoline and perfume. Spending hours out on the lake, watching my father yank in fish at a rate of about five to one of mine, was just something I would have just as soon passed on. I just had better things to do. I was in hurry to get to and from the lake, so I became the driver, I learned to handle a trailer well, and to this day have less problem backing a trailer than trying to squeeze my two cars into my “two car” garage. As a teenager I could think of a lot better things to do, it didn’t matter that I was sitting atop a huge amount of water that was full of fish, I had my priorities set.

Looking back I am glad I went fishing on those days, I enjoyed the Colorado and ocean trips, so there are some good memories made on those reservoirs. I am still not much of a fisherman, I have better things to do these days too. I am happy the lake is full and there are plenty of fishes in the “sea”. This spring has shown us that we really rely on water, and both, a lot or a little can really change our lives. I am happy we have ample water for this year, I keep our neighbors in prayer that have suffered with too much water. As for the fish, I enjoy them, just not the days spent pulling them from their watery home.