The Belton Journal

The puppies that were rescued from a dumpster at Heritage Park in mid-February are close to finding homes.

A thoughtful citizen heard what they thought were kittens in the dumpster and called the Belton Police Department.

Officers checked the dumpster and found eight puppies near death in the dumpster. They brought them back to the Police Department building and attempted to save them. They were able to save six of the eight found in a bag.

The six are doing well in a foster home. Several of the animals have been claimed by city employees. The others will be open for adoption in a matter of days. The puppies are of mixed breed and should weigh 60-80 pounds once fully grown.

“It has turned into a labor of love for us. The foster adopter wants to remain anonymous. The action of a concerned citizen saved those puppies. That night of February 12th was puppy night at the Police Department. They were all near death. The person who called in something suspicious helped save the lives of six puppies. People can make a difference when they think something is wrong and make that call,” said City of Belton Public Information Officer Paul Romer.

The puppies will be placed in a home privately.