With the start of a new year comes the beginning of a one-year term for the Belton Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, and former Chair-Elect and 2020 Chair of the Belton Chamber Terri Covington took the time to answer a few questions about her plans for the continual success of the chamber.

CP: What is your first priority as Chair of the Belton Chamber? How did serving as the Chair-Elect last year prepare you for this role?

TC: Last year was a very successful year. My goal is to continue that momentum and get more people involved or increase their level of involvement.


CP: Belton is rapidly growing with businesses popping up every week or so, so how do you plan to prepare the business community to adapt and grow while also maintain the traditions of Belton?

TC: The beauty of the chamber is having a great variety of businesses involved. Some are large corporations, some are family owned, and some are individuals. Some have been here many years, others are new. When we connect with each other, we can learn to appreciate the history of Belton as well as embrace new ideas.


CP: You created Covington Real Estate, Inc. in 2003 and have since acquired an esteemed reputation in the Central Texas community. What have you learned in the past 17 years that will transfer to your work as Chair of the Belton Chamber? When did your business join the Belton Chamber?

TC: We joined the chamber when we opened. I was involved with the chamber prior to that through other entities. I have learned that Belton is a charming community loved by the “old timers” and sought after by the “newcomers.” Being able to serve as chair just gives me another opportunity to be a cheerleader for Belton and hopefully inspire others to get involved. I find that customers like consistency and quality – hopefully the chamber will offer both of those in the coming year.


CP: As a local business owner, you will have a lot to offer both present and future members of the Belton Chamber. What advice would you give someone just beginning their journey with a local business? On the other end, how can an existing business continue to flourish over the years?

TC: We all need to work together. There are so many great resources locally. The more you get to know your fellow business owners and employees, the easier it is to help each other. Also, referrals are a great way to increase your business. I love to recommend local businesses to my clients and hope they feel the same way about me.


CP: Local businesses are crucial to the local economy, so what can the community need to do to reciprocate that support?

TC: Do business with your neighbors!