The Belton City Council held its regular session at 5:30 PM on Tuesday, July 27, 2021, at the Harris Community Center. After brief public comments from citizens, the council honored Ashton Vanderveer of Belton Troop 101 for achieving the rank of Eagle Scout and for his work on the improvements made to Yettie Polk Park.

Another exciting item on the agenda was a proposed grant from the National Endowment for the Arts for the painting of a mural on a concrete wall at the intersection of IH 35 and Central Avenue. The same graphic design company that painted the beautiful mural on the Belton Public Library will be commissioned to do this artwork for the city. The motion was unanimously approved by the council.

Several land and zoning items were brough to the council’s attention, including a land plat near I 14 and Simmons Road. The proposal was made to change the land from agricultural to commercial so a roofing business could put an office building on the plot. The motion was approved by the council. Another local businessperson wanted to change a multifamily residential to a neighborhood service area near N Wall Street and East 5th Avenue and create a parking area in the back for the new business. The motion was approved by the council.

Assistant City Manager Gene Ellis proposed a plan to amend the regulations regarding the use of golf carts in Belton. He relayed the ordinances would require usage of the carts from dusk to dawn with license plates required, reflectors, license drivers only allowed to operate them, and driving only on residential streets with speed limits of 35 MPH or less. Golf carts will not be allowed on state highways and must yield to pedestrians and bicyclists. Violations of these ordinances could result in a Class C misdemeanor.

A final item on the agenda was an update on the Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) project. Other incThe presentation outlined the expiration of TIRZ by the year 2024, and whether or not the council would let it expire, extend it, or possibly choose to amend some of its major points. Currently there is an $87,000,00 proposed budget, which could include improvements such as street repair, trails, shared paths and sidewalks, drainage, and municipal projects such as park improvements. Other incentive grants would possibly go toward façade improvements like the ones that have already occurred in downtown Belton. No action was required at this time.

The council then dismissed the regular session and held the executive session for the July 27 meeting.