Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, one of the area’s postponed events was the Silo District Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K, which were supposed to take place this past weekend in Waco.

Training for a half marathon can take six months, according to Active.com, but instead of letting that momentum fall wayside during the hot summer months, a group of six runners took to the streets of Belton on Saturday to put their hard work and training to good use.

For two of the six runners, this was their first season to run a half marathon, so the discouragement was heavy.

“My friend got really bummed about her half marathon getting canceled in Arlington,” Christine Fletcher, runner, said.

Fletcher, in fact, helped organize the small event to encourage new runners and celebrate the accomplishments of all.

“A bunch of neighbors came out and cheered us on,” Fletcher said. “Other friends went to Stripes on 317 with flags and a makeshift water station.”

Dennis Fletcher, Christine’s husband, took pictures of the event and assisted with watering stations.

Another friend, who is reported to have a foot injury, jumped in with her dog Berkli at mile eight and finished with the others. It took the crowd two hours and twenty minutes to complete the 13.1-mile run.

And to top it off, the Fletchers went to Dollar Tree to get the fanciest medals on the market and handed out the well-deserved awards: first, second and third places and two first-time half-marathon awards. Dennis Fletcher received a medal for “Best in Water Stop and Photography.”

“It was a one-time deal to encourage those who had trained all year,” Fletcher said. “I love the encouragement and the finish.”