Lake Belton hosted a football camp on the 26th of Monday on their field and stadium. The camp lasted for two hours, from 10 am to 12 pm, and the whole event was a huge success as hundreds of kids from all ages lined up and, with nothing but passion and enthusiasm in their eyes, eagerly listened to their coaches and performed many drills that lined up for the day. The exercises consisted of many speed and conditioning workouts where kids would sprint when told, coming back sweaty, beaten, and tired but still retaining their hungry passion as they continued to train, exercise, and develop. Coaches bellowing with the authority of drill sergeants were sprinkled throughout the field, instructing these kids on different football techniques such as proper stances and blocking techniques. As well as good form and techniques for various drills prepping kids to become effective and contributing members of their football team someday, these lessons are essential for their growth as it strengthens their body and coordination. This camp is an encouraging thing to see; this camp is indicative of the passion that the football program can cultivate within these young kids who are eager to better themselves and improve upon their skills. Brian Cope, head coach of the football team, couldn’t have been more proud of these kids, as he loves forming the next generation.

By Jaykwon Thompson