The Belton Journal

A new store has opened in Belton that is bringing some new style. Arlene Biddy is the owner of Rebellious Rose Boutique at 2445 N Main St, which offers unique clothing that can be bought at an affordable price.
Biddy has lived in Belton since she was twelve years old. Her passion for wanting to run a boutique store came early in her life.
“My dad bought my mom a pair of boots and I wore them around the house and that’s when I knew I wanted a boutique,” said Biddy.
With her passion for style, Biddy set out to find her store. She started off as a vendor.
“It took small steps to get where we are now,” she said.
From there, she waited for the opportunity to arise for a shop. That’s when the location she is currently at opened unexpectedly. Biddy and her husband, Clarence, immediately jumped on the offer.
The name Rebellious Rose came about for a couple of reasons. Biddy is the only redhead in her family and has always been a little outspoken. The other reason is best put by her husband.
“In Belton. you have all the shops that do western and boho and she just wanted to bring something in that’s just a little different,” he said.
Therefore, Rebellious Rose was born.
Clarence talked about the importance of keeping prices affordable for customers.
“Everybody wants something nice. We want them to walk out of the store with nice clothing and feeling confident,” he said.
Biddy and her husband love Belton and hope that their business blossoms.
“There’s no place like Belton,” said Biddy. “I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.”
So, if you want something a little different that’s good quality and affordable, then head down to Rebellious Rose and support this new local boutique.