What began as a friendship through the sport of softball soon after became an accountability and professional partnership between Belton’s Tiffany Beaver and Jenny Newberry. Beaver, 22, and Newberry, 24, are bringing health, fitness and nutrition to Belton with the opening of their business, UP (“Unlocking Your Unlimited Potential”) Nutrition.


Set to open as soon as December of 2019, UP Nutrition will serve smoothies, protein shakes, provide in-house workout experiences with trained wellness coaches and strive to motivate the Belton community to get up and enjoy creating a balanced life for themselves.


After graduating from Belton High School, Beaver’s journey took her out of Texas, while Newberry studied nursing at the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor. Beaver earned her International Sports Science Association (ISSA) certification and achieved her goal of becoming a personal trainer, so when Newberry, now a nurse at Baylor Scot & White Medical Center, reached out to Beaver about getting back into working out, the dream of opening their own health and wellness business was born.


With parents who are business owners themselves, Beaver knew early on that she wanted to own a business but was unsure about what it was going to be. Therefore, when Newberry joined her workout program, their friendship transitioned into a partnership, and the rest is history.


“You have to capture that idea when it’s there in the moment, and you have to put an action plan behind it, and you have to be able to work for it; that’s the only way your dreams and your ideas are going to come to fruition,” Beaver said.


Although they were not always in the same town, Beaver and Newberry never lost contact with one another, nor did they lose sight of their athletic propensities. Both becoming mothers at a young age, these women share a desire to inspire their children, their peers and others to live healthier lives.


“So, at this point, to keep up with our kids, to be able to chase them and do everything that we’re supposed to be able to do…fitness is everything for us, it’s just that really awesome outlet that we have, and it’s a good bond, too,” Beaver said.


On the topic of opening a new business and being mothers, Beaver and Newberry are prepared to sacrifice their time in order to set their children up for future success. To alleviate any sense of apprehension, Beaver said they have a great support system and took steps to equip themselves before purchasing the shop.


“We do miss things, but we gain so much more because we have our kids; I think when you have a child it just opens your eyes to more possibilities and more things that you can do with your life,” Newberry said.


Likewise, Beaver said including your children in your vision is one of the key aspects of juggling motherhood and business.


“I think ambitious people parent ambitious people,” Newberry added.


When it comes to mentors within the fitness profession, both women agreed that husband and wife duo Heather and Brock Stickler have been major influences throughout their fitness missions. The Stickler’s own The Healthy Addiction in Harker Heights and have opened a couple more stores in surrounding areas, which they have passed onto other people, Beaver said.


“They’re really good about ‘you’ve got this, guys,’ so they get you where you need to be going, they get you plugged into everything, but with the opening of your business it’s honestly just having enough faith in yourself,” Beaver said.


The building Beaver and Newberry decided on is the first building they looked into, so it was a full circle moment when they returned to the space, which just so happened to be in their hometown. With 1,000 square feet to work with, Beaver and Newberry have a layout in mind and broke ground on the renovations this week.


Establishing a community-based business is a top priority for the new storeowners. In addition to the store’s supplies, UP Nutrition will offer fitness challenges outside of the store, host classes, such as cardio drumming and fitness camps, making it a place for people of all ages.


“We do the fitness camps so that people can work out together, so it’s not as hard; some people don’t get into it because they’re scared, they don’t want to be judged, or don’t want to do it by themselves, so this allows them to come into a friendly atmosphere where they can be coached properly and feel welcome because we love everybody that comes through the store,” Newberry said.


Looking forward, Beaver and Newberry said they are eager to open their business in the Belton community and hope to expand the store within the next year.


“It’s just that much more special that we get to share it with people that we grew up with,” Beaver said.