By MIIKE MYERS The Belton Journal Residents at the Park Place Manor Skilled Nursing Facility in Belton, celebrated Valentine’s Day with the Belton Chief of Police Gene Ellis. Chief Ellis crowned the King and Queen on this Valentine’s Day. Ellis has been celebrating Valentine’s Day with the residents for about seven years. He is happy to see that the staff was able to bring back Valentine’s Day for the residents after it was canceled for two years due to COVID-19. William Carr is 85 years-old and was voted by the residents to be crowned as King. Asked why he was voted King, he said, “I guess they like me here.” Doris Hill is 88 years-old and was crowned Queen on this Valentine’s Day. “This makes me feel good,” she said. After the King and Queen coronation, residents were served cake and drinks by the staff members. Quinton Locklin, a tall man who sings with a voice that has the rise and falls of a Frank Sinatra, wore a tuxedo, and looked into the eyes of those he was singing to. He sang Frank Sinatra songs, as if Sinatra was there himself. There were smiles on their faces, and they tapped to the beat on the table. You look around the room and you see wisdom, knowledge and guidance to our lives. These are the faces that truly deserve care and love in this age. Kimberly Garcia, Activity Director at Park Place Manor, said, “I believe this brings a joy to each and every one of them. We have been able to bring back our programs, and the residents are filled with joy.”