The Belton Journal

The 2024 One Community One Day event hosted by the City of Belton and the Youth Advisory Committee was a successful event held on Saturday.

There were 27 volunteers and YAC members to assist 14 residents in need of some help.

One Community One Day brings volunteers together to assist those in need with various projects throughout the city. From beautification efforts to small repairs and beyond.

The goal is to make a meaningful impact on those who give and receive service. This event has been going on for 10-plus years to assist those in need. 

“We take down the information of what their needs are for the event. Many of them are participants in the RUOK program. Most of it involves raking leaves, clearing brush, weed-eating, cleaning windows, or spreading mulch,” said Lacy Shoemaker, Recreation Coordinator for the City of Belton.

The volunteers worked from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. They were served pizza at lunch and donuts that morning.

“The homeowners were very appreciative. I thought it was great to see how the youth stepped up to help those in need. They (volunteers) were excited they were doing something for the community,” said Shoemaker.

The event was scheduled for April 20th and had to be moved back due to rain.

The YAC group leaders organize each volunteer group and collect what is needed at each residence. From weed-eaters to shovels, the leaders collected supplies and off the volunteers went to the group of houses they were assigned to assist that day.

Safety is stressed at the beginning of the event before the volunteers break off into groups.

Brendan Hall was one of the YAC group leaders. He would go to the front door with his hat in his hand and receive further instruction from the homeowner. All volunteer work is done outside each home.

They received their instructions and got to work. Each group also has a list provided by the city. The first house the Hall group visited the homeowner was absent, so they moved on to the next house on the list.

“Lucy did a great job putting this event together,” said Joe Dryer Recreation Superintendent for the City of Belton.