The Belton Journal

The Pop-Pup Dog Park in Heritage Park has been around for a few years, when the City of Belton started with a temporary dog park in 2018 to find out if city residents would use the park.

“We found out they would use the area quite a bit,” said James Grant, Interim Parks Director.

The two-acre dog park is a fenced-in enclosed area behind the Lions Club Playground equipment. The area is heavily shaded.

In 2020, the City of Belton received a grant to expand Heritage Park and used some of those funds to expand the dog park.

They added more fencing, irrigation, and dog watering areas. They added old playground equipment that had been replaced in other parks. There is even an old fire hydrant inside the park.

An Eagle Scout project added a couple of dog benches built like a bone.

“It is used. We are planning on spreading more mulch as an Eagle Scout Project, and adding a few more picnic tables under the trees,” said Grant.

There is even an outdoor grill area with a picnic table for dog parties.

“We have several people from Temple who come over to use the park. This dog park has been a big hit with the community. It is so large, it won’t get overused,” said Grant.

There is an old Zumba stage used by the dogs that was installed and multiple obstacles throughout.

“We have had dog birthday parties out here. Two great Danes had a big one.”

At the entrance is a doggie bag station. The trash can near the entrance is emptied twice a week. There are several obstacles for smaller dogs. Including a little culvert to navigate.

The limit is two dogs per person per visit. Dogs must be properly vaccinated. Dogs must be leashed in the transition corridor upon entering the parks. No children under the age of 12 are allowed in the fenced-off area, and there is no food of any kind in the fenced area.



Heritage Park in Belton is also home to a dog park, which is popular with the locals.